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One Queen and her Spy Master
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22nd-Apr-2009 04:23 pm - Elizabeth on ff.n
Caspian Sea
Thought I'd let everyone know, if they didn't already know, that Fanfiction.net now has a section in Movies for "Elizabeth" and "Elizabeth: The Golden Age".

Last I checked there are only 5 stories there at the moment, two of which are mine. Figured others would like to get their Walisbeth drabbles and stories out there besides just here and hopefully that in turn will bring more people here some day. :D

Speaking of Walsibeth... Jurious when are you gonna post the next chapter to Mea Culpa? ;)
24th-Jan-2009 02:02 pm - "Secretly..." (first part)

Title: Secretly...
Rating: PG
Summary: Walsingham and the Queen discuss the intimacy of interrogations...

[As English is not my native language, please do not laugh behind my back if you come across bad grammar and the like, but tell me, so I can correct it ;)
Thanks to Oxymoron for helping and already correcting a lot of my mistakes!]


In the beginning there was no word...Collapse )
31st-Dec-2008 01:03 pm - Drabble: A Bedtime Story


As I'm new here and it takes me longer than I expected (due to my poor English...) to get on with the story I'm writing, I want to leave a little drabble here at least befor the year is over ;)
Sorry for the anachronism of "psychological warfare" (now Sir Francis looks quite offended - the word, not the concept of course, Mr. Secretary! :D), but the whole thing is not too serious as you'll see... [As to the more serious one - where the mentioned discussion on "the psychology of interrogations" will indeed take place - I'll try my best not to lose my patience and continue with it.]

So long!

Title: A Bedtime Story
Rating: G (quite harmless for a start...)
Summary: Having been absent from court several days, Walsingham has an unexpected visit at home from the queen...


Just sleep...Collapse )
24th-Dec-2008 12:19 am - "Mea Culpa" Prologue Video-Storyboard
Walsingham: TGA Walsie
It's now Xmas Eve! (The early hours of!) 24 hours till Xmas day! Yay! :D

Anyways, I present to you a short, rough video-storyboard for the prologue of my WIP fanfic "Mea Culpa". If you haven't read it, please do so before you watch this. You'll probably understand it better. The video is a little spoilerific as well.

Link: http://s160.photobucket.com/albums/t189/darth_jurious/walsikins/?action=view¤t=meaculpa-thewell.flv

All sketches are drawn by me. The sound effects are garnered from various free sound effect archives online, and the music is "The Stone Table" by Gregson-Williams from the first Disney Narnia film. The video was edited and put-together in Adobe Première Elements.

And, before you ask, I put the "Universal" and "Working Title" logos on the start to give it a "movie" feel. I nearly always visualise my stories like movies -- and if this was a movie, this would be the first scene! I also really like the idea of the "Working Title" circle transitioning onto the image of the moon reflected on the water at the bottom of the well. (That's what that naff, rippling first sketch is, BTW! Moon reflected on water. It's a bad sketch... Should've used a photo really.)

I'm planning on doing more video-storyboards, but not for every chapter - just for key scenes. All I need now is Mr. Rush for a bit of voice-over work. XD Hee.

~Grace x
9th-Dec-2008 04:22 am - Drabble: Passion
Caspian Sea
Title: Passion
Author: barbossamonkey
Characters/Pairings: Walsibeth
Rating: PG
Summary: One of them explores their feelings for the other, told from an ambiguous perspective.
Author’s Notes: Inspired by jurious’ analysis of the pairing.

"Red is the color of passion they say..."
8th-Dec-2008 03:46 pm - New video...Finally!
Hey everyone, I have a new video finally. I have regained some inspiration for Vampire Wytch's contest on youtube, and I did a Walsibeth vid for the Love category. It's called "Silence," please watch! :P

3rd-Dec-2008 04:01 pm - Walsibeth: Mea Culpa
Chris Lee: Dracula - Real Vamp
Yay! New stuff for yous! XD Okay, it's only the prologue and part 1 - and even these are subject to change! - but it's something. It might make me get on with the tale if I throw some of it out there. This story will actually be a story, not just PWP (though there's nothing wrong with that, is there? :D Hee!), and God knows if I'll ever even finish it! (I think I will but I'm such a procrastinator...)

I've saved it as a PDF so download it and go! (If PDF files are a problem for you, let me know.)

Title: Mea Culpa
Rating: This part's pretty safe so... PG, or maybe 12 (PG-13) at the most.
Pairing: Walsibeth
Description: Set post-"Inconcessus Fructus" (and thus post Elizabeth), "Mea Culpa" follows the continuing relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Walsingham, looking at the possible consequences, and jumping between several stages of their timeline (up to and including The Golden Age.

LINK: http://www.box.net/shared/j8mzak0qpz
18th-Nov-2008 02:21 am - Drabble: M
Caspian Sea
Title: M
Author: barbossamonkey
Characters/Pairing: Walsibeth
Rating: G
Summary: Walsingham discusses an intercepted message with the Queen.
Author's Notes: This is a slight, and I mean slight, crossover with James Bond. This drabble was inspired by something I had read on Wikipedia about Walsingham and how he could be considered England's first head of foreign intelligence. England's foreign intelligence is called MI6. The head of MI6 is code named in James Bond as "M". I wanted to explore into the origins of the code name and hence this drabble. Enjoy!

To protect you against all things...
15th-Nov-2008 10:17 pm - Contest
GoT - Cersei: Her embers tempered roared
I swear that this has something to do with the com!
I was wondering if there are any fans who want to enter with a fanvid to this contest which is allowing the Elizabeth films in.
Contest is here to check out: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QCCnALzxtdE

Now it's the 19th December the deadline :)
7th-Nov-2008 02:35 pm - Walsibeth drabbles
Title:Same as Above
Summary:A collection of drabbles in no particular order.
Disclaimer:I don't own the characters.

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