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One Queen and her Spy Master
Mea Culpa - Parts 6 & 7 
1st-Mar-2010 11:43 pm
Walsingham: Seething Lane
"Mea Culpa" Parts 6 and 7 are now ready! (Well, they have been for ages, I've just failed to go back and edit them.) I've not abandoned this fic yet!

Download PDF:

(NB: If you are asked for a printing password on these documents, it should still be "blackamoor".)

Title: Mea Culpa
Rating: Bordering on 15/R.
Pairing: Walsibeth
Description: Set post-"Inconcessus Fructus" (and thus post Elizabeth), "Mea Culpa" follows the continuing relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Walsingham, looking at the possible consequences of their actions. It jumps between different stages of their timeline, up to and including The Golden Age.

(Please remember this is historical nonsense. It's fiction based on Shekhar Kapur's vision, with the characters based on the ones portrayed in the films, not on their historical counterparts.)

Previous Chapters:

-Chapter 1
-Chapter 2
-Chapter 3
-Chapter 4
-Chapter 5

I am planning on going back and editing part 5 BTW because I've decided to change a bit of it - it's mentioned in the notes of chapter 6. :)

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